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    Please review our customers' input! We appreciate each and every one of our service clients.

    Chris in Wilmington, NC
    Georgia in Wilmington, NC
    Melissa in Leland, NC
    B.G. (a Property Manager) in Wilmington, NC
    C.A. (a General Manager) in  Leland, NC
    L.K. (a Property Manager) in Leland, NC
    R.M. (a business Owner/Operator) in Wilmington, NC

    Customer #1

    I’ve been using The Cleaning Crusaders for a little over a year now. I’m on a bi-weekly cleaning schedule. They do an amazing job! When I first started I gave them a tour of the house with specific directions on some of my OCD issues like the fixtures in the bath tub and cleaning the tight corners on the floors. Mandy wrote everything down, and they have been doing a great job ever since. At first I used to go around and check to see if they missed anything, but at this point I know they do a great job, so I just enjoy my nice clean house when I get home. I have given them a key to my house because I work all day, so sometimes I might leave a note with some specific directions, and they always get it done. I would definitely recommend them, and always do whenever I have the chance. I also use them for pressure washing my house, cleaning windows, and cleaning carpets as needed. It’s great to just deal with one company for all my home needs.

    Chris in Wilmington, NC

    Customer #2

    Thank you for all you and your crew does for me. My-self, my husband, my children, and even the dogs truly enjoy our house more because it’s always clean. As I told you before, we try to keep up on the chores, and do an okay job, but nothing compares to your professional cleaning. We appreciate your company, and will continue to use your services for years to come.

    Georgia in Wilmington, NC

    Customer #3

    I am very happy I found The Cleaning Crusaders. I was unhappy with my cleaning company, so I started searching the internet and came across their website. I entered the contest to win a free cleaning and I won! They came in and gave my house a thorough top to bottom cleaning… I don’t think my house had ever been cleaner. The entire staff was very polite, friendly, and professional. After my free cleaning I decided to hire The Cleaning Crusaders moving forward. They were head and shoulders above the cleaning service I was using, and less expensive too! I would highly recommend The Cleaning Crusaders to anyone looking for a cleaning service.

    Melissa in Leland, NC

    Customer #4

    The Cleaning Crusaders have been a valuable asset to our business. They not only clean in a timely manner, but are thorough and detail oriented. I had a tenant move in on a short notice and they were able to send a crew out that day to clean the unit. They have been able to do an amazing job getting dirty units to look like brand new at a very reasonable price. I give them high recommendation and will continue using them to clean the units and the carpets in our development.

    B.G. (a Property Manager) in Wilmington, NC

    Customer #5

    In an industry that desperately lacks in professionalism and dedication, I have been truly impressed with how The Cleaning Crusaders run their business. In an industry that constantly faces personnel challenges it has been comforting to know that we can rely on his employees as they provide the day to day servicing that our facilities require.

    C.A. (a General Manager) in Leland, NC

    Customer #6

    I continue to be impressed by the level of service and quality in The Cleaning Crusaders. They always communicate with me to make sure that my facility is receiving the services we need. We have always been able to rely on their flexibility and courteous service, as well as the special attention to any specific requests or needs we may have for a particular building. Since The Cleaning Crusaders became our janitorial service, the buildings have felt and looked cleaner. The windows are always spot and smudge free, floors are clean, and objects such as pictures and blinds are always dust free. The staff is always polite and does their best to perform their work quietly, diligently, and out of the way of any guests, employees, or Property Owners.

    L.K. (a Property Manager) in Leland, NC

    Customer #7

    In our line of business it is very hard to keep our employee bathrooms and break room clean, but The Cleaning Crusaders do an exceptional job doing just that. In the front of the house our show room is always immaculate. Our supplies are always stocked, we never run out of anything. Their attention to detail is very impressive and all their employees are very courteous and friendly. Their professionalism, flexibility, and quality are unmatched. I will continue to use The Cleaning Crusaders for many years to come.

    R.M. (a business Owner/Operator) in Wilmington, NC